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ASHI Qualification

Qualifications & Code of Ethics

Ralph Pattelena: ASHI MEMBER for 25 years, PIE President no longer performing field inspections
Stephen Pattelena: ASHI MEMBER for 8 years prior to his accident.
Alex Valenzuela: ASHI MEMEBER #251164
Patrick Fitch: ASHI Candidate Memeber #253164


ASHI members are required to abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics which specifically forbids home inspectors from performing repairs on homes which they have inspected and to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Members also agree to perform and report inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice.


Members must pass the National Home Inspection Examination and ASHI’s Standards and Ethics Examination, have inspection reports successfully verified for compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice, and submit valid proof of over 250 fee paid inspections which meet or exceed the ASHI standards. In addition, members must provide proof of 20 education credits every year.