Added Inspections – Wells

Well Inspections:

PIE does not perform well inspections, however we can provide guidance and referrals on these inspections.

If the property has a well consider the following inspections:

  • Water quality testing
  • Electro-mechanical equipment evaluation
  • Well Flow Recovery Rate
  • Forty-seven percent of the United States depend on ground water for their
    basic drinking water supply. Having a basic understanding about ground water
    quality will help ensure that your well is supplying potable water for your

    The National Ground Water Association recommends that owners
    of private water wells get their water tested annually for the presence of coliform
    , nitrates,
    and anything else of local concern as part of an annual
    well maintenance checkup
    . Contact your
    water well contractor
    , state department of natural resources, or local
    health department for information on local water quality issues. You can also
    learn about local ground water conditions in your state by viewing state
    fact sheets from the Ground Water Protection Council

    Source for the above: National Ground
    Water Association, Inc. Click Here for their Website
    Other Inspections
    To Be Considered:

    The need for these inspections should be considered so that the property evaluation is complete and the most well informed purchase decision can be made. We can provide guidance regarding these inspections.